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We are expert in designing graphics that communicate, solve the problems of your users through engaging typography, space and colors.


When pitching a design to a client, the presentation is always crucial. Showing a clean and polished design at any stage of the design process is a given, but there are other ways to help your design outshine the competition. Utilizing mocks-ups is a powerful way to convince your clients that your design fits their brand, and it is something that most professional designers do.


People usually think of a trademark as just a logo but it embraces much more. A logo is just a visual representation of the trademark and a wiring on which other branding elements, such as the visual style, verisimilitude scheme, tone of voice, or tagline can be constructed.

Without an effectual brand, it is quite difficult to strengthen a positive message in people’s minds well-nigh an organization.


We often have seen organizations that do not consider the choices of their merchant names seriously and start a branding process from a once weakened position. They often ponder why they don’t get desired results plane without putting in the weightier efforts. Trademark names should highlight the key elements of your business, should be easy to spell and pronounce and be self-ruling from negative connotations and double meanings.

3D Animation & Character DESIGN

3D computer graphics make use of a three-dimensional geometric data representation which is stored in the computer for initiating calculations and rendering 2D images. Himtech IT Solutions specialize in offering excellent quality 3D animation & character design services throughout United States and other parts of the globe. Our years of expertise in designing 3D animation and stunning characters enable us to serve you with alluring 3D models computer simulation artwork which is unmatched at every quarter.

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